Campbells Stores

The Rocks, Sydney

 Strategic leasehold with the Government of New South Wales 

A complex of 11 three-storey buildings – warehouses of 19th-century Victorian-Georgian colonial-style architecture. The complex is dated from 1839 and belongs to Sydney Harbour Organization in the Rocks area opposite the Sydney Opera.

The project: Complete restoration – renovation of the buildings, redevelopment of the surrounding  space, re-adaptive re-use, development of the exterior area. The property is a significant international tourist venue hub for the city of Sydney.

LIDIS on behalf of the SPV negotiated the development agreement and 55 year lease term. Build Corp Interiors undertook the construction – restoration of the buildings

The project was awarded the NSW Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards and was added to the New South Wales Heritage Registry.

Budget: EUR 26 million

Implementation: Four years (2015 -2019, delivered in December).